Body shapers for all occasions

Colombian fajas” is the Spanish term used to identify body shapers manufactured in Colombia.

The reason why Colombian fajas are so popular now days is because the Colombian textile industry has been constantly innovating during the last 2 decades to elaborate compression garments that help women get a shaped body. This process has come hand to hand with the plastic surgery that has also presented the same trend in Colombia and in America in general.

But what makes Colombian fajas stand out from the rest of body shapers manufactured mostly in China? Well Colombian fajas have basically 2 types of compression. Light compression which is generally made out of Nylon and Spandex which are very similar to those made by Spanx (the popular American shapewear Company based in Atlanta Georgia) and high compression body shapers. Now, Colombian high compression body shapers are unique in style, fit and compression strength. There are second to none. The reason of this is the material used on this garments. Colombian High compression body shapers are composed of two major structures. The outer lining is composed of Powernet which is a special fabric made out of a mixture of cotton and latex and it posses unique characteristics of compression strength, where it is able to assign compression in multiple directions, and it easily recovers its natural shape once the person takes it off. Powernet fabric at its structural level, is made of a web of hexagonal shapes that result in a flexible fabric capable of creating a uniform compression in multiple directions. The inner lining of these garments can be made of cotton or lycra.

Fajas made out of powernet are significantly more expensive than lighter compression garments because Powernet is much more expensive.

The fact that powernet body shapers are more expensive than light compression body shapers does not necessarily mean they are better, simply because powernet fajas are not for everyone. Some women get better results with light compression fajas than high compression ones. But one thing is for sure that high compression fajas do show the best instant results because they shape much more.

If you are looking to start using a body shaper this information will come very handy. Regardless of which type of body shaper you buy, remember that in order to get real long lasting results you must include in your process a balanced diet to help you lose weight and exercise. This way, your body shaper will help you shape your body while you lose weight. Other wise the body shaper will just give you results while you use it.