When it comes to shaping your body for weight loss, there are different types of choices out there. In the past, you may be familiar with the term "body wraps" while the term "body shapers" is all the rage today. Let's take a look between the two different concepts and see what they hold in common and vice versa.

About Body Shapers


Body shapers are arguably made famous by the Kardashian clan. These are compression garments that are worn on the body (mostly worn around the waist to shape your midsection) to help reduce food volume intake, strengthen your core, as well as help you sweat to flush out bodily toxins through the thermogenisis happening in your body. Body shapers are not only useful for weight loss but they are said to be effective for toning your midsection and making it more curvaceous.

About Body Wraps


In the past, body wraps are known more as herbal wraps and later on, they are introduced as thermal blankets and many other variations. Body wraps are a common service in many spas today. However, in recent times, body wraps have become more common in the home as the industry has introduced non-woven cloth wraps that women can buy over the counter that can be wrapped on any body part for an hour to promote firming, toning, and tightening on that body part. It's commonly agreed that body wraps are divided into these categories:

  • Slimming body wraps
  • Moisturizing body wraps
  • Detox body wraps
  • Cellulite treatment body wraps

The Differences between Body Shapers and Body Wraps

  • Application

Because body wraps come in different types, it's harder to compare the shapers and wraps in one breath. However, you can know the main physical difference between the two based on how they are applied on the body. A body shaper is often worn as a piece of clothing while a body wrap is wrapped around or covered on the body like a blanket.

  • Length of usage

Because body shapers are worn like a piece of clothing, women often wear them for at least six hours a day, and in many cases, more. Body wraps that are purchased over the counter are often used for one hour to two hours (and are discarded after that session). If you are having a body wrap session in the spa or salon, this can be up to three hours but the session will generally not exceed this duration.

  • Cost

Body wraps that are cloth wraps can cost between $15 and $30, while body shapers can go as low as $29.99. If you are looking at a body wrap spa session, it will usually cost you $150 and above. The price range can vary depending on the reputation of the manufacturer and also the brand of the spa/salon.

  • Effectiveness

Body wraps have received mixed criticism because while many people claim that they are medically unsupported as effective treatments for shaping or slimming, some people claim to have benefitted from such body wraps. Body shapers certainly have a better track record of success than body wraps, and because they are designed into attractive garments, more women are willing to wear these shapers instead of applying body wraps which can be messy and do not show visible results.

Now that you know the differences between body shapers and body wraps, you have an idea which option that you are more comfortable about. If you are ready to shop for body shapers, why not start from our online store now?