You just got your new bodyshaper and you are excited to start using it! That’s great but after you put it on the first time you feel uncomfortable? Is it too tight? Are you going to feel too uncomfortable to the point that you would not want to use it much?

These are very common questions, especially among people that are using this type of garments for the first time. But do not worry. We will explain everything to you right now.

Just like when you go to the gym for the first time, or start jogging around your house, you have to allow your body to get used to new activities. In this case you have to allow your body to adjust to this new type of garment.

If you are using this type of bodyshaper for the first time be sure you get the right size. Do not buy a size smaller than you really are just because you want to achieve faster results. It does not work that way. On the contrary, buying a smaller size bodyshaper will delay your body shaping process because it can be too uncomfortable for you to use it and be just an unhealthy practice in overall. So make sure you get the right size for your body. If you feel it is too small for you just exchange it for a size bigger 

The right size bodyshaper should be tight, but should not give you difficulty breathing and should not interfere from performing your day to day activities like sitting down, bending down, running or any other activity.

You may feel weird and tight at the beginning but that will just be during the initial stage of the process of getting used to your bodyshaper.

So to make the process much easier and fun we strongly suggest you to gradually increment the amount of time you wear your bodyshaper in a day to day basis.

Let’s assume you just got your bodyshaper but you feel uncomfortable. But it is the right size. Getting a bigger size may not be the solution, so follow the steps below:

1st day: Use the body shaper for just one hour. This will allow you too see how you feel, and also the bodyshaper will strat adjusting to your body.

2nd day: Use it 2 hours

3rd day: Use it 3 hours

4th to 8th day: Keep incrementing one hour each day until you reach 8 hours. After these 8 days you will notice how it has become a lot easier to put on your bodyshaper, and also you will notice that the bodyshaper is not uncomfortable anymore 

You can adjust these times as you want. For example, you can start with just 3o minutes and add 30 minutes each day and make this 8days process a 16 days process. Or you can start with 2 hours and increment one hour each day.

Whatever time you decide works best for you, keep in mind that they key point is to allow your body to get used to the bodyshaper so that you can be totally comfortable using it after the first 1 or 2 weeks of this initial stage 

Using a bodyshaper the right can help you achieve incredible results. By eating healthy food, doing exercise and using a bodyshaper you can sculpt your body and be sure to look great and fit.

But do not forget, using the bodyshaper in a correct way will bring true long lasting results, whereas using a smaller size bodyshaper or trying to start using it for too long from the beginning can be unhealthy and it wont bring any faster/long lasting results.