Wearing shapewear is a hot fashion trend nowadays, and more and more plus size women are realizing that it is vital to include them in their wardrobe. There are so many varieties of plus size shapewear to consider and at times, it can become hard to distinguish the difference. Most women get it wrong because they do not know what to wear to achieve the best results. In addition, they are also clueless on what to look out for during the purchase process.

Common Types of Plus Size Shapewear

The following are the common types of plus size shapewear you can buy and the kind of look they help you to achieve.

  • Full Body Shapewear: It covers everything from the torso to the knee area and this is perfect because it accentuates your hips and waistline to give a smooth curvaceous outline. You can wear it with or without a bra since it includes bra straps.
  • Camisole: It is also known as shaper tanks and it helps to draw attention to your waistline. It smoothens out bra lines and keeps your tummy intact, giving a slimmer look. Some shaper tanks are designed with bra cutouts and this allows you to put on your own bra, if you choose to.
  • Shorts or Briefs: The briefs or shorts provide extra support to the tummy and rear and this ensures that you walk comfortably, knowing that you have no panty lines showing. You can usually wear these beneath a high waist skirt or trousers.
  • Shaper Slips: They are also known as the all-in-one shapers and they keep the tummy firm, bringing out your waistline and smoothening the thigh area. They offer total coverage and support, giving you a confident look as a plus size woman.
  • Waist Snatchers: These come up under the bra and they are perfect for keeping your tummy tight and as flat as possible. It is designed to close up at the back using hooks and eyes and it is comfortable so that means you can wear for longer hours if need be.

Shopping for Plus Size Shapewear

As you can see, you no longer have an excuse why you can’t look classy and stand out as a plus size woman. Below are some pointers to help you make the right choice about them when you are out shopping:

Know the Level of Support You Want

Light support means you need shapewear that is not too tight without visible bra and panty lines while the medium ones provide a more cinching effect and compress the problematic areas better. A firm shapewear will best fit if you are looking to accentuate your waistline and bring out the curves to the max. Remember, comfort is key so always choose something that you can feel comfortable wearing.

Know Your Sizes and Measurements

Measurement charts are available to help you pick out the right shapewear that will fit properly. You need to keep in mind that going small will not always work as they will get very tight and chances are high that they may roll down and they may wear out faster.

Know Which Part of Your Body You Want to Keep in Check

As you have seen, there are different types of body shapers and so you need to know what look you are going for and the type of clothing you wear will also determine the type of shapewear you need to buy. It's best to get a few different varieties so that you can match accordingly with fashion pieces from your wardrobe.