Investing money to get that perfect body shape is a wise choice, but are you able to justify such an investment by using it for longer? Shapewear, just like any other material, will deteriorate if you don’t maintain it well. These delicate garments need to be taken care of regularly, in order to ensure longevity, effectiveness and appeal of the shapewear. Let’s take a look at what needs to be done to keep your body shapers in the best shape.

Regular Washing

Depending on the extent you use the shapewear on a daily basis, regular washing is required after wearing it for one to three times. Without proper washing, if you continue to use the garment, it will result in the material stretching out, putting it in a condition where the body shaper is not able to offer the same results as it did originally.

Washing by hands is a preferred choice for shapewear. But if you are looking to use your washing machine, make sure to place the shapewear into a protector that allows water and soap to flow to the garment without causing any wear and tear to the fabric. Set the machine on gentle cycle mode and use cold water to get desired results. Don’t even think of applying chlorine bleach, as that may result in complete destruction of the elastic material.

Items that require gel padding or the ones with underwires should strictly be washed manually, since machine washing can destroy their fragile build. While the gel fillers may start leaking, the underwires will end up sticking out of the fabric. Be gentle while twisting and soaking the garment after washing it with mild shampoo and warm water.

Correct Method of Drying

Shapewear is not made up of your conventional clothing material, so special care is required to dry the garments after washing to prevent any damage to the fabric lining. Putting shapewear in a dryer can be disastrous, as excess heat can destroy the elastic and latex resulting in a bad shape. Go for the old traditional method of drying by hanging them in open places and let the natural air do the job for you. If you are in a hurry, it’s okay to use the coolest setting of your dryer on a gentle cycle mode, without making it a regular habit.

Proper Storage

In order to preserve the aesthetics and fabrics of shapewear, it’s imperative to store it in a closet cabinet or an enclosed drawer. Do not let any kind of shaping garments keep hanging from the hangers for long, as that may result in stretching of straps and loose grips. Most of the body shapers with hook-and-eye closures should be kept separately to avoid scratches. Full-body length shapewear should be kept in their original state without folding them. Just place it in a flat position horizontally or vertically with a support, inside the drawer. Shaping bra and panties can be easily folded and kept on one side of the drawer compartment.

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