Are you planning for a vacation this summer to escape the hustle and bustle of the city to some place more relaxing? If you are ready to pack your bags with all the clothing essentials and avoid a heavy luggage, it’s a smart choice to replace those pair of jeans and tops with some lightweight body shapers that can ideally serve dual purpose of both chic clothing and shapewear. Not only do they make you look great with smooth curves, but they are also lighter to carry when you are planning for a trip to somewhere out of the town. Here’s a rundown of some of the stylish yet lightweight clothing essentials that can be easily accommodated in your travel bag:

Multitasking Bra

Multitasking bras are designed to provide you with shape and support under any neckline. Such bras can be a real relief for someone wandering to humid parts or anyone looking for a breathable material. It comes in both crisscross straps and strapless forms with halter neck and tube tops. The inner lining of fabric has flat seams designed so as to prevent visibility from outside. These comfy set of bras is a must addition to your luggage, no matter wherever you are going.

Strapless Body Shapers

Whether you prefer wearing a long-line bra, flat seams waist trainer, torsolette or bustier, having any sort of basic strapless body shaper is essential for holiday wear.  Not only does it provide the required comfort, but also suits the style of any sort of clothing you put on top, especially the ones with a low-cut back.

Shaping Leggings

Leggings are a great alternative to a pair of jeans, as it can significantly reduce the weight of your baggage, and also fulfill the style quotient due to their unlimited styling possibilities. The best part about this type of shapers is the fact that you can wear it externally with no covering required. Carry a collection of neutral hues that goes well will any sort of top clothing. Not only are they comfortable, but also good with soaking up perspiration in humid conditions.

Shaping Slips

Normally, most of the people carry lightweight and brisk clothes for vacations, but overlook the consequences of exposing the skin too much to the sunlight. This can be covered by wearing light shape slips which provides targeted control to shape the thighs and hips and also protect the skin.  If you are looking for something more versatile, go for the nude styles and help your body reshape without compromising sexiness and comfort.

High-Waisted Thongs

If you are looking for that much needed compression in the bulging part, but don’t want people to notice the same, a high-waisted thong can come in handy.  You certainly don’t want to appear in a bad shape in those memorable vacation photos, and for that purpose, make use of the top panel to cinch your waist and the thong for hiding the panty lines. With this type of innovatively designed shapewear, you just don’t have to worry about their discreetness!