For someone who is new to waist training, you may be wondering how waist trainers work when it comes to shedding pounds off your weight. You may have heard the voices of so many women out there who can guarantee that waist trainers have contributed to their weight loss journey. At Jackie London, we fully understand the benefits of waist trainers and this post is written to show you how to lose weight fast with waist cinchers.

Understanding Weight Loss

Before we start, it's important that you understand how weight loss works. In simple terms, you have to burn more calories than what you consume. Once you manage to burn 500 calories, it is estimated that you will lose one pound. Weight loss is not only about your diet (although diet is the #1 factor on the process); you can make use of sweating, heat in your body, faster oxygen rates, and more to achieve weight loss. Now, it also does not mean that you can simply stop consuming food and just pile on the exercises to achieve this math equation. This is unhealthy and can have grave consequences. Always be in the right perspective for weight loss!

Waist Trainers Help You Sweat More

Why will you want to sweat? Well, scientific facts point out that 80% of fat leave our system through the lungs while 20% of our fat will exit our body as water – this means in the form of sweat, tears, urine and so on. Sweating is actually a beneficial procedure for your body, just think of it as a detox session for your skin pores in action. By using waist trainers that fit you snugly, you hasten the process of sweating and even more so when you wear a waist trainer for workouts.

Flush Bodily Toxins Out with Waist Cinchers

A waist cincher works by hugging your waist tightly and in this process creates more heat to warm up your body. The effects of this process include the faster release of toxins through your sweat, detoxing your body and helping it to stay healthy. For some overweight women, it's possible that you do not have healthy skin and with waist trainers, you can reverse the situation as you get to flush out the toxins and enjoy better, healthier skin.

Waist Trainers Compress Your Core

One great part about waist trainers being so effective for weight loss is that they also help to shape your core by compressing it. Your torso will feel tight and the waist trainer will give support to your spine while you lift weights. Imagine this taking place – it's akin to a gym workout right inside your body! This helps to tone your core and what's more, the results can be seen with your own eyes when you wear a waist trainer for about a week or so.

The Mentality You Gain with Waist Cinchers

A lot of women out there say that this is one factor that helps them lose weight quickly with waist cinchers. Imagine wearing a waist trainer for at least six hours per day, what will you be going through in your mind? It's not possible that you will be thinking that you want to have a buffet after another while wearing that cincher! In fact, you will be more self conscious about what you are putting into your mouth and you will be more prone to head to the gym because of the "silent" reminder that your waist trainer is giving you.

If you want to see how effective waist trainers are for weight loss, why not pick one of your favorite waist trainer options from our inventory? After all, seeing results in action is the best proof of how weight loss can be achieved fast with waist trainers!

Bottom line

Losing weight is a combination of factors. Its up to you to find the right dosis of each factor. While eating healthy is the most important factor, exercise comes in second close. Waist trainers are part of the gear you need to hit the gym hardcore.