Jeans are so popular all around the world that through the passage of time, more and more variations are introduced to the mass market. These types of pants are generally made of denim, and can offer the best combination of durability, comfort, and style. As you already know, denim is a ruggedly strong material, and many people actually have worn the same pair of jeans through decades. When we are talking about comfort and style, there's nothing like jeans that offer such great wear-ability for a wide array of activities.

In recent years, two of the most popular types of jeans are the push up jeans and the slim fit jeans. Many people have often mistaken push up jeans for slim fit jeans, and vice versa. Although they are pretty similar in design concepts, they do have their own unique features. In this post, you will learn about their differences and how you should choose between them.

Push Up Jeans

Push up jeans are manufactured in a way to offer a tight fit around the hips and the legs so that when you wear them, your curves are accentuated in a fashionably sexy way. For those who have flat bottoms, push up jeans can do a great job at "pushing up" your bottoms, making it look as if you are just as well-endowed as the Kardashian sisters. Compared to slim fit jeans, these push up gems deliver a clearer silhouette than their slim fit counterparts. While it's true that they may offer a limited range of motion as compared to slim fit jeans, many push up jeans these days are made with stretch denim materials such that you can enjoy better mobility with the enhanced elasticity.

Slim Fit Jeans

Although slim fit jeans also contour to the shape of the wearer's hips, they are usually less form-fitting than push up jeans. Slim fit jeans follow the same concept as the straight-leg jeans as they do not have leg openings that flare; so they are more like a tight fitting pair of regular jeans. Both slim fit jeans and push up jeans have a narrow opening throughout the legs, but usually push up jeans will be narrower than slim fit jeans. Although push up jeans are not exclusively worn by women (some men wear them too, though most wearers are female), slim fit jeans are more universal in the sense that both men and women wear slim fit jeans.

How Do You Choose Between Them?

All things considered, slim fit jeans do provide a better degree of comfort than push up jeans, but the latter is better at highlighting and enhancing the figure of the wearer. If you have to choose between them, we will suggest wearing slim fit jeans when you are going for active sessions that involve lots of physical activities. On the other hand, when you are looking to attract attention with high heeled shoes, push up jeans are certainly the better choice. It's also not wrong to say that while push up jeans can be worn for both formal and casual events, slim fit jeans are more appropriate for casual events only.

If you are still torn between choosing push up jeans and slim fit jeans, why not simply get both types for your wardrobe? Nothing beats having lots of fashion choices when it comes to dressing up! To get started with a perfect pair of push up jeans, shop with Jackie London today!