How to put on a bodyshaper

There are many types of bodyshapers. Some are made out of nylon and lycra while others are made out of powernet which offers a greater compression. If you purchased a bodyshaper made out of powernet ( Powernet is the material used in Colombian fajas like M&D, Fajas Diseños D’ Prada, Maria E and others) it will be very helpful to consider the following aspects when you want to put it on for the first time. How to put on whole body girdle (High Compression garment)

  1. Make sure you un-hook all the fasteners before you start putting on your body shaper
  2. Place both legs inside the body shaper and gently pull the garment up your body
  3. While you are pulling the garment up to your waist make sure that the inside lateral seams are straight and inside your thighs in the correct place. Often times the seam will stay outside your leg and this will not allow the fasteners to come close enough to be closed. You may have to wiggle your hips in order to be able to bring the garment pass your hips.
  4. When your body shaper is all the way up to your hips put on both straps and adjust them to your size
  5. Before you start fastening the hooks make sure the shorts are placed correctly and all the way up. It should firmly adjust to your hips, legs and buttocks.
  6. After you make sure the body shaper is correctly in place, start fastening all the hooks from the bottom up. While you do this you must suck your stomach in and hold your breath so you don’t damage the hooks. If you put just a few hooks and you relax your stomach, these hooks may give way or break. You may wonder why the hooks aren’t made in a stronger way. The reason for this is that the hooks are designed to be strong but not too big so they are not noticeable over your clothes. So the hooks are strong enough to hold the pressure of your abdomen if they are all been properly hooked.
  7. Once all the hooks are in place you can fully relax and just make sure the straps are placed correctly as well as the bottom part of the lace and the area around your buttocks.

And you are done! While the first few times it may be time consuming to put on your body shaper and seem like a lot of work, do not worry. After a few days the body shaper will start adjusting to your unique body, and it will become a lot easier to put on. To take it off, just keep in mid to hold your stomach in while you un-hook all the fasteners to avoid damaging them. If you know how to properly put on and take off your bodyshaper, you will make sure to keep it in good condition and enjoy your garment for a much longer time.