One thing is to lose weight and another thing is to shape your waist and make your abs and legs look hard and fit. You can lose weight just by eating healthy but your waist may not look exactly the way you would like. That is why you must use the right combination of diet, exercise and if you want, the use of a body shaper to help you mold your body as you lose weight.

We will show you an example that you can use as a guideline to start the process of getting a beautiful waist, so you can start this year 2016 with a new and powerful resolution.

#1 Diet:

You are what you eat! Here we give you 12 tips to get in the habit of eating healthy.

  1. Drink 10+ glasses of water a day
  2. Don’t eat after 7pm. Drink a protein shake instead if you feel hungry
  3. Eat 5-6 small meals a day instead of 2-3 bigger meals
  4.  Eat protein at every meal like egg whites, yogurt, cheese, chicken, fish, meat, oats, milk, broccoli, turkey, shrimp, etc
  5. Make sure you take your necessary carbs earlier in the day, and fill up on vegetables. Avoid carbs after 5pm
  6. Always eat breakfast, and avoid skipping meals
  7. Don’t forget fiber in your everyday meals. Fruits, Vegetables, whole grain foods, oatmeal, beans, brown rice and nuts are rich sources of fiber
  8. Lose weight slowly. Do not pressure yourself on losing too many pounds in just a month. Instead make sure you get in the habit of eating healthy as a lifestyle, rather than a sudden change in diet to get quick results.
  9. Weigh yourself regularly to keep track of your progress
  10. Get enough sleep. Let your body get the necessary rest
  11. Understand portion sizes. Use measuring cups to make sure you eat just the right portion. If you are eating outside and get served a big meal, just eat half and get the rest later
  12. Eat fruits and vegetables for snacks when you feel hungry 

#2 Exercise:

Cardio: If you are a beginner start slow. Run for 5 minutes if you want. Increase only a minute every day. In just 2 months you will be able to run for an hour

Strength: Go to the gym and do pushups, crunches, curls, squats and lunges. Whatever you want. Just make sure you have discipline and you slowly increase the intensity everyday. Remember, you don’t have to kill yourself to start to get quick results. Instead, make sure you do at least 1 hour of exercise 5 times a week.

 #3 Use a body shaper

A body shaper will help you get the last touch you need to get the perfect body. You don’t really need to use a body shaper while you do exercise. In fact, it can be better to do exercise with the most comfortable clothing you have. After you finish training, take a nice shower and use the body shaper to go to work and let the garment mold your body through out the day. Remember, the body shaper should fit tight but should not be uncomfortable. Your body will better adjust to the form of the garment if used regularly without compromising any of your daily activities. The use of body shapers is not for everybody. Some people will get excellent results with high compression powernet body shapers, others will get better results with a medium-light compression body shaper made of lycra and nylon while others will get better results without using a body shaper. But a healthy diet an exercise are a must for everyone that is working on looking more fit.