High Compression garment that trims and shapes your waist. This product is ideal to shape your waist while using strapless dresses or blouses. It is best if used with a strapless bra with wide wings.

FLEXIBLE BONES: It has a flexible boning system that allows the garment to stay in place during the day while you sit down, crouch, run and perform your regular daily activities. Flexible bones are necessary to all strapless waist cinchers. Without these bones the garment will keep rolling downwards/upwards loosing its effectiveness.

It is important that you keep in mind the following 3 aspects:

1. The first day use it on the first line of hooks. Try it for a few hours and once you start feeling a little uncomfortable just take it off and let your body rest. The following days use the waist cincher incrementing on hour each day. This allows your body to get used to the girdle and also your waist cincher will get the memory of your body and adjust accordingly. After a few days (7-14 days) you will be able to use the girdle for 8 - 10 hours and feel comfortable at the same time. It is not recommended to use it too tight from the beggining, specially if you are not used to it. The main goal is to have your body adapt to the garment.

2. While putting it on, you should suck your stomach in and hold your breath while you put all the hooks in place. This will avoid some hooks to get damaged or loose stability with time. The hooks are made thinking on 2 variables; resistance and also discretion so your girdle is not too noticeably over your clothes, so the hooks are strong enough while they are all hooked. Having a few hooks and relaxing your stomach will put too much pressure on the hooks and it could open it or loose it from its position.That is way it is important to put the girdle on correctly and ensure that your girdle keeps its strength for longer.

3. Do not wash this girdle on the washer machine and do not put it on a dryer machine. Wash by hand and always hang girdle to dry.