About Us

Jackie London is in the business of shapewear and fitness. We understand that looking good and fit plays an important role in any person, so we offer a variety of solutions that will enhance your natural figure as well as catalyze the process of losing weight and getting an hourglass natural feminine figure.
Jackie London believes that everybody can get fit and look beautiful in their own way.

During the last 12 years on the business, we at Jackie London have seen and lived many success stories of dedicated men and women that have decided to lose weight and change their body towards a more healthy and fit appearance. The right use of the right bodyshaper will significantly improve your process of losing weight, together with a healthy diet and proper exercise.

Throughout our site you will be able to read all what we have learned throughout the years that we have been in the body shaping business.

Jackie London is a young and innovative company that believes women are achieving great things today and will continue to strive and make this world better.