A person suffering from Scoliosis will often experience a curvature to his spine that bends towards the side compared to a normal vertical spine. When you look at a Scoliosis patient from the side, the upper back shows a mild roundness and an inward curvature towards the lower back. This condition is caused by an abnormality of the bones at birth and it is approximated that 3% of people in America are affected by this condition by the age of 16. However, there are ways that one can use girdles and waist trainersto help rectify this problem.

How Girdles and Waist Trainers Help Scoliosis Patients

Many patients with Scoliosis have attested to the fact that using girdles and waist trainers can indeed help them to manage Scoliosis. Although wearing such posture correctors does not cure Scoliosis completely, it can certainly help with adjusting the curvature. A person with Scoliosis needs to understand that when you start using waist trainers or girdles for your condition, you need to be dedicated to wearing them for a considerable amount of time before you can feel the helpful impact of these posture correctors.

Benefits in Using Girdles and Waist Trainers

These compression garments help patients to maintain a straight posture without too much strain going on the spine. Girdles and waist trainers are also known to help in relieving pain related to Scoliosis, as they apply pressure, relaxing the muscles and thereby relieving the back. Getting the right kind of compression garment will ensure that a Scoliosis patient gets a more symmetric look and at the same time making them more comfortable. This can greatly boost their confidence and they are able to perform daily activities without any hassle.

Girdles and Waist Trainers Recommended for Scoliosis Patients

The type of girdles and waist trainers a Scoliosis patient should get depends on the amount of curvature at the back. Patients with less curvature can get an off-the-rack girdle that can help to hold their spine in place. However, patients with more pronounced curvatures need to find out what type of posture corrector to go with under the recommendations of their doctor. In turn, they can give this information to the store they choose to buy the posture corrector from and see if they can get the right fit. Sometimes, it is better if a Scoliosis patient can get a customized girdle and although this may cost a bit more than a regular one, it will be worthwhile since the end results will be better.

Do You Need to Buy Girdles and Waist Trainers for Scoliosis?

At Jackie London, we understand that everyone is special and we have customer care representatives always on standby to ensure that all the questions asked by our customers are answered in good time. As a Scoliosis patient, you should never shy away from contacting us for more information on the range of posture correctors we have at our store. Let us help you combat Scoliosis as well as look good today!