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Jackie London 2035 - Shorts Bodyshaper Strapless with lateral zipper

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$ 110.00

SKU: Jackie London 2035

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  • Excellent for dresses

  • Shorts Bodyshaper Strapless

  • It does not roll down on your back

  • Silicone lace that gently adheres to your skin

  • Very comfortable and inviseble under your clothes

  • Great gluteus and hips enhancing

  • Removable Straps. Can be used with or without straps


Tip: Great choice for dressses and strapless tops!



How do Jackie London bodyshapers work?

Jackie London bodyshapers have the following properties:

a) Shape your body instantaneously while you wear it.

b) You will feel great right from the get go! Why? Because you will love the way your clothes fit while you are wearing our bodyshaters.

c) We know what you are thinking now, and yes your body will look the same after you take it off; but by wearing it everyday or at least 5 days a week, do regular exercise     and eat healthy you will lose weight and shape your figure, so over time your body will get that hourglass figure you want.

d) We all know that it is best to eat 5 or more small portions during the day, but many times we end up eating 2 to 3 big food portions. You will see that while you use a Jackie London bodyshaper you will not eat big portions in one sit. Instead you will notice that as you are eating you will get full faster, causing you to not eat as much as you would regularly. This will help you maintain your food portions small without even noticing. That is because the bodyshaper keeps your stomach tucked in.

e) The bodyshaper will help you maintain your back straight.

f) Jackie London bodyshapers work by helping your body mold and shape your figure, so that your muscles and tissues stay in the right place helping you feel nice and tight.

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